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  • How can I install the app?

    Newsie is available in the Apple store and Google Play store.

  • What are the main features of this app?

    Newsie is a content marketing app designed to deliver relevant content surrounded by local news and special interests. Local organizations create accounts, build pages and share events, offers and information about their organizations directly to residents or visitors to their communities while the original marketing content raises the awareness of the goods and services provided by the local participating organizations.

  • What is a local Newsie?

    A local Newsie is an affiliate who licenses the exclusive commercial rights to the Newsie platform within a designated territory. Their role is to provide access to the platform to local organizations while also sharing their own visual observations about events and activities within the territory.

    Click here to apply to become a local Newsie.

  • How do I list my business with Newsie?

    Organizations can create a page on the Newsie app that provides users with easy access to contact information, description of goods and services provided by the organization, offers and deals when applicable, story or announcement posts, reviews, and alerts. Pages are viewable in each Newsie territory that the organization selected to be associated with. Cost to maintain a page on the Newsie platform is $99.00 a year for a single marketing territory.

    Click here to apply to build a page.

  • Is Newsie a robot?

    Newsie is the company’s mascot. A robot who has taken on the tradition of delivering news and information to members of the community. Newsie was created and brought to life by AZ artist Scott Serkland of Serk Labs.

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