About Us

Who We Are

Newsie serves local communities across the world, all run by local Newsies. Through Newsie’s network of local sites and their associated social media pages, local Newsies keep their communities up-to-date by sharing all the latest news and events, helping local residents to better connect with their area.

What We Do

Local businesses can create a page on the Newsie app that provides users with easy access to contact information, description of goods and services, offers and deals when applicable, reviews, alerts, and more! Pages are viewable in each Newsie territory that the business selected to be associated with. To join a local directory in the Newsie app, click here.

How We Work

A local Newsie is an affiliate who licenses the exclusive commercial rights to the Newsie platform within a designated territory. Newsie provides technology, marketing collateral, editorial content, management, and access to a community of like-minded and motivated individuals. If you’re interested in the Local Newsie Program and licensing the app for your local area, click here.

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