About Us

Who We Are

Newsie is about LOCAL LIFE; connecting local businesses, organizations and community members to INTRODUCE, FAMILIARIZE and ENTICE engagement across a full spectrum of activities in local communities. Business as usual is about to change with Newsie’s capability of delivering branded targeted marketing directly to consumers.

What We Do

The Newsie application is designed as a local community builder in the form of a content marketing app designed to deliver relevant marketing content surrounded by local news and special interest stories. Newsie Life Stories feature our unique ability to adapt to the user’s preferences and geographic location, delivering stories about people, places and things that grow community awareness.

How We Work

Newsie serves local communities across the world, all run by local Newsies. Through Newsie’s network of local sites and their associated social media pages, local Newsies keep their communities up-to-date by curating community activity, impactful information, and blogging daily on local news and events with featured photos and links for more deep dives.

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