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Meet “newsie” the app that delivers curated local news from trusted community sources.
Local Channel
The local channel provides up to the minute local curated news and information. The local stream provides a way for local and metro news sources to expand their distribution while providing users a one stop shop for news from a variety of recognized sources.
Special Interest Channels
Special interest channels are streams of curated news and blog posts about a variety of special interests, such as dining and pets. These channels stream news feeds from both national and local publishers. More channels will be available as Newsie evolves!
Community Events Calendar
The in-app events calendar features all the latest events published by local businesses and groups who’ve signed up to the app, as well as approved events posted by users. Newsie provides a one stop location for local users to find local activities for themselves and their families.
Local Directory
The local directory highlights businesses by category, as well as groups including community groups, sports teams and more! The directory is where users can find out all about what they do, including where they're located and available offers. Users can add businesses and groups to their favorites too!
Directory Page
Participating organizations create a unique business page on the Newsie app. The business page provides users with easy access to contact information, description of goods and services provided by the organization, offers and deals when applicable, story or announcement posts, reviews, and alerts.
Featured Stories
Local Newsies can publish content to their local channel and feature organizations that appear in the directory. These stories include observations on new businesses opening in the area, features on local community members, and more.
Local Newsie
A local Newsie is an affiliate who licenses the exclusive commercial rights to the Newsie platform within a designated territory. Their role is to provide access to the platform to local organizations while also sharing their own visual observations about events and activities within the territory.
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