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  • How do I download Newsie?

    Newsie is available in the Apple store and Google Play store.

  • What are the main features of this app?

    Newsie is a content marketing app designed to deliver locally curated news, events, and deals. Local businesses and groups build pages, create offers, and share information about their organization directly to their communities while the original marketing content raises the awareness of the goods and services provided by that organization.

  • What is a local Newsie?

    A local Newsie is an affiliate who licenses the exclusive commercial rights to the Newsie platform within a designated territory. Local Newsies help bring all elements of a local community together, all in one place, really adding value to people’s lives and helping residents and organizations forge a stronger connection with their town.

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  • How do I add my business to a local directory?

    Businesses can create a page on the Newsie app that provides users with easy access to contact information, offers and deals when applicable, reviews, alerts, and more! Pages are viewable in each Newsie territory that the organization selected to be associated with. The membership lasts for a year and renews on the day the organization signs up. Cost to maintain a page on the Newsie platform is $99.00 a year (or pounds for UK) for a single marketing territory.

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  • What is a shareable link?

    Newsie is designed for sharing! Each organization that signs up with Newsie receives a shareable link. When an organization shares their link, and the app is downloaded using that link, the organization’s logo permanently displays on the primary sub-header position and links directly to their listing page. Furthermore, if a user who downloads the app using that unique link shares an event or story and it results in a new download, the organization’s logo will remain in the sub-header position.

  • How do I add an event?

    Newsie provides a one click solution for users to find local activities and events! The in-app calendar highlights charity car washes, open houses, city council meetings, and more. Organizations who list their business with Newsie can post unlimited events using their own personal dashboard or users can submit an event for a specific area using the form in the events section of the Newsie app.

  • Is Newsie a robot?

    Newsie is the company’s mascot. A robot who has taken on the tradition of delivering news and information to members of the community. Newsie was created and brought to life by AZ artist Scott Serkland of Serk Labs.

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